Margaret River Perimeter Road Up Date.

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Hi to all the travellers out there.

We have some big changes being built into the Margaret River Road system. You can see from the images that the long awaited perimeter (bypass) is moving along strongly now. Imagines showing the bypass bridge road is nearing completion. Whilst work has not stated on the bridge all effort is currently focussed on building the road leading off Bussell highway and connecting the bridge road site.

The Route
The Parameter Road will leave Bussell Highway just prior to current airport road on the left as you are heading into town. The road will lead over a Margaret River bridge crossing that is yet to be built.

The first intersection from the cross over bridge will be at Rosa Brook Road then the Perimeter Road will continue down to the new round about just south of Margaret River. You can see the road base is completed waiting for bridge works to start.

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In the top image, you can see the sign that shows you the Perimeter Road. This is the end of the perimeter Road as it meets up with Rossa Brook Road.

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In this image you can see the Margaret River. This is the site for the river crossing then a road will be built out to the Rosa Brook Road intersection. Looking over the river you can see the road works that will continue through to Rosa Brook then onto the new round about just south of Margaret River.