Bike Trails Margaret River

Margaret Forest Western Australia

So you have just enjoyed your big bay out with the Cheers Wine and Scenic tour and are thinking that I had better get some exercise. Well when Staying at the Riverview Tourist Park you can enjoy some very rewarding push bike riding. I have not used the MTB (Mountain Biking) term as a lot of people find it intimidating.

Long before the now famous Pine Single Tracks and the Cape to Cape MTB event came into our lives, old time Margaret River mountain bikers had been learning this (then) new sport on the old steam train lines and fire break tracks. So don’t be intimidated about the whole MTB thing 18 years ago all you needed was a Malvern Star (hard front and tail) with road tyres and half the air taken out then look out! It is time for some “dirt”.

The best part is that all the old rides are still out there and can be undertaken by a very wide range of abilities.   The Ten Mile Brook ride or walk is one example.

Starting from the Margaret River Tourist Park you go river right over the walk bridge then turn left onto the old logging track line.

The riding is easy going with some hills just take is slow and read the signs along the way. You will reach a fork in the road. One option is the summer route (use in summer) the second is the winter route (can be used in summer). The winter route is a hard hill climb ride but is still low on technical challenge. The idea is to get higher than the water crossings in winter. Don’t forget to look up and enjoy the ride. You will be under the most amazing tree canopy for most of the ride.

Around 6 km into your ride you will reach a sign post turning right into the “Ten Mile Brook Dam”. Very soon you should be on the single track bridge taking you over the upper Margaret River.

Once at the Ten mile Brook BBQ site you will need to ride past for about 2.5kms to get to the actual dam but very worth the ride.   Insert see if you can spot this at the dam.  Just over the bridge have a look at the majestic old Blackwood Tree. Great place to catch your breath before the BIG hill climb that will take into the BBQ picnic spot at the dam site. It’s OK we have all walked the bike uphill here.

Happy riding!